ANNORANG – last years edit

a lot of footage, a lot of work but most of all: a lot of fun!! Finally it’s done: “ANORANG” Anno + Bangerang, i.e. all the  year bangin a max of sport!! Have a look:



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Fuzzy New Year’s 2012

Finally I had some time to cut some great experiences of this year’s Fuzzy camp!
Check it:

Fuzzy New Year’s 12 from Tobi Deckert on Vimeo.

See you again this year!

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Vento vs. Ora

Unfortunately we weren’t blessed with a lot of autumn wind last weekend at lago di garda. Twice it was worth it to wake up early to catch the vento in the morning but only once the ora was strong enough to fight through the clouds.

During calm moments, wakeboarding was fun also!!

Anyway we had a lot of fun and yet the water wasn’t that cold ;)


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Skyver & Waterramp

Today was one of those lucky days when more than one nice action thingie came to another. Thomas and me rented some mountain skyvers, a backpackable downhill scooter, which guaranteed a lot of fun in the morning after having reached the timezone’s bikepark start at Hochries.

Most astonishing is the durability of this little scooter which even allows little jumps during the trail…

In the afternoon we arrived at the Viking waterramp at Oberaudorf. Preparing some new grabs for the upcoming season the whole body still hurts from all the bails on the untouched water … rather concrete!

Like always at Oberaudorf, there can’t be missing a little trampoline session…

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Wakeboard session Kiefersfelden

Amongst mountains and forests a beautiful Wakeboard lift can be found at Kiefersfelden.

It was absolutely perfect for a little after work 2 hour session without any hurry and overcrowded waiting queues. Almost the first time on a wakeboard this summer, it was kind of hart to get back to the basics but in the end it was worth training some easy raleys on the cables or backflips over the kickers…

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Season opening!! – Snowkite

My Roomy Reinhart can be so persuading sometimes!! Still in summer thoughts, not having prepared any ski gear at all he was showing me pictures of 20 cm fresh pow which has fallen during the night…

Next day 5 am, let’s get started!

Among slightly covered crevasses we were able to make our way up and down the backcountry of hintertux’s glacier.

Luckily even the sun came out for a couple of minutes and made it possible to jump in these otherwise gusty conditions…

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Kiteboat on tour…

Best thing ever to just sail where there is wind on the lake at this particular moment! Having safely equipped all Kite gear on Reini’s cat, the wind chasing began…

soon first gusts started to catch up the boat:

Caught up some nice wind in the middle of the lake Reini continued to ride the boat while I tried to water start a 12sqm Flysurfer…

The stronger the wind, the foggier the gopro on my head became and killed all footage ;(

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Road trip Rügen – St. Peter Ording

Like always it is nice to hang out with guys from the Fuzzy Garhammer school, so this time when we took a visit to Rügen where the Pirates Kite testival was on! The 10 hours ride was not just worth it because of the  pretty nice wind during the day but also all people there who where amazingly friendly and see to a chilling atmosphere! Just the after party sucked all power remains out of the body after a crazy day of 8 hours kitesurfing…


On the next day we somehow decided to follow the wind by car and continued the journey to St. Peter Ording. Anyway it was quite nice to live in Arne’s car and not shower for a couple of days…Arrived in the evening we still had some good fun with the 21sqm flysurfers in the sunset!

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Early morning exercise!

There is nothing better to put the alarm at 5 in the morning and meet skywalk colleagues…

After having reached the peak after 1,5 hours the view on the chiemsee with a golden sunrise is indescribable. But work is calling, so lets unpack the gliders…

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JointÄdventure Premiere

Nein, es geht nicht um das grüne Launemachergewächs, vielmehr wollen wir eine gute Freundschaft feiern, die letztes Jahr im Norden Europas durch eine gemeinsame Leidenschaft entstand… Freeskiing!

Mit dem Ursprung in Helsinki,  shredderten die Rider von Lapland bis zu den Alpen  und tauschten dabei ihre Lieblingsspots aus. Durch die zahlreichen gegenseitigen Besuche in der letzten Saison konnten viele Impressionen und Erlebnisse in den Kasten gebannt werden, sodass sich die Buben entschlossen, alles in einen Film zu packen!

A finnish-german non budget collaboration presents “JointÄdventure”

Checkt den Teaser…

… und kommt zur Premiere vorbei, wenn Dynamix und Deckardinho mit der feinsten Mischung aus Tech-/Elektrohouse und Hiphop das Maki rocken!


Mittwoch 26.10

Einlass um 22.00 Uhr

Movie um 23.30


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